The Bike Blanket is fully waterproof, the internal layer is created from various  different materials , the combination allows the air to circulate when the BB is fitted to the  bike , it provides full protection to all high risk areas and is built to last the durability of the product is 100% , the BB will protect your bike for a life time. With the Bike Blanket fitted, you can manoeuvre your bike with ease. Strapping points are built-in for loading onto a stillage or for securing the bike during transportation . Fitting takes moments , no more expensive damage to your pride and joy.

The Bike Blanket comes in all black with a choice of colour trim and cuffs to coordinate to your bike also there is a red / black two colour choice availible , and we are happy to customise by printing any logo's, branding or names you like in any position on the Bike Blanket.