A 2 colour Bike Blanket fully waterproof and lined, with tie down facility. Crafted to allow full manouvre of your bike while maintaining maximum protection. easy fit and release, fits the vast majority or road and racing bikes. Contact us with the make and model or your bike to confirm.

2 Colour Bike Blanket

  • The protective layer of the Bike Blanket next to the bike is constructed from a three layer system , making it durable , protective and breathable . When designed the protection of the bike was a pirority including the weight of the product , the total weight of the Bike Blanket once constructed is around 5kg. The bike blanket offers a waterproof outer layer , a fully protective internal layer , slots to strap the bike down with the Bike Blanket on the bike and you can move the bike around with the Bike Blanket fitted . There is a strap at the front and rear of the Bike Blanket to hang it up and a side stand option  is on all Bike Blankets.